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I will be forever grateful for the 20 years I spent raising my family, but when my kids left home to live out their own adventures, I was lost. It took me quite a few years to settle in and find the true, authentic me once again. 

 If you are feeling bored, unsettled, or just in a funk, know that is completely natural, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Let me help you break free from the slump and live with the renewed energy and excitement you deserve! 

Tell me more about The Third Quarter Transformation! 

The Third Quarter Transformation is for midlife mamas, like you, who want to stop feeling so lost - like a piece of your soul is missing after the kids have grown up and become more independent. It offers simple strategies to help you wake up excited for a new day of life and find what brings you passion again. It helps you focus on your health, your dreams and goals, and your relationships - perhaps for the first time in years!

Basically, It helps you pivot from taking care of everyone else to learning how to focus more on YOU!

So let’s review HOW The Transformation works. It’s actually pretty simple!  

It's broken down into 12 online modules plus the intro, wrap up, and bonus material. Each lesson is 15 minutes or less and will give you action steps you can implement right away to start seeing results. Each module takes into consideration your specific and personalized needs that will make you successful.

This will be invaluable in creating sustainable practices that you can review time and time again to get you out of the doldrums of life so you can live boldly with PASSION.

Work through one lesson a week or take a little longer if you want.  There's no pressure.  This course is yours to keep for the life of the program.  

And guess what?  Anytime more bonuses or upgrades are made to the program, you automatically get them too -even after you have completed all the material! 

Lessons include:
* Managing Stress, Fear, and Energy Levels
* You are Worthy, Unique, and Incredible
* The Nutrition Ignition
* Blessing our Body with Movement
* Wish It...Dream It...Do it…
* Rekindle the Romance
* Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby
* Setting Boundaries with Your New Adult
** And so much more!!  

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The Third Quarter Transformation
A step by step method for middle-life women who struggle with losing their identity & want to reignite their passion to become the best version of their authentic self. 
What else you’re going to get:
The reason behind why this is truly so important to you
Use the 7 Layers Deep exercise in the Welcome Module so you can instantly understand why reigniting your passion for life is so important to you and to give you the momentum you need to push through your fear and make your life one designed specifically for YOU! 

This will become so important as you work through the material and start to make some BIG changes! 

Lifetime access to The Third Quarter Transformation Content
This will be invaluable in creating sustainable practices that you can review time and time again to get you out of the doldrums of life so you can live boldly with PASSION.  

AND anytime more course material is added to the program, it becomes available for you, too!  That means that even after you have completed all your coursework, you can still benefit from all the goodness that continues to be added!  

Monthly coaching calls and direct access via text for 3 months
Schedule a 45 minute coaching call with me at the end of each month for 3 months. You get to choose the date and time that works best within your schedule. This is where we will celebrate your wins, discuss what’s ahead, come up with your personalized game plan, and have you feeling confident, clear on what you want, and full of excitement.  

We will also have the ability to communicate via text. This gives me the opportunity to check in on you and offer another layer of accountability and for you to receive additional support between coaching calls. I do my best to answer all texts within 24 hours during office hours. 

There are also some great bonuses included in the program. One is a very popular self-esteem mini-course as well as one of my favorite meditations where I walk you through meeting your 100 year old self!  

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Invest With Confidence Guarantee

Here’s how the guarantee works: 

If after you complete the first two modules and are unhappy with the program, please contact support@amyclinton.com. You will be required to submit the work you properly completed in the Welcome module through the Second Module. You will then receive a refund on the portion of the unused program. 

* Both modules must be completed within 2 weeks after enrolling in the program.  

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